On his dashboard, the translator is able to see all the active orders at the moment. Depending on the agency business model, he can see a pool of orders (visible for all translators of the agency) (1). Or he can see orders sent to him directly, by the client or by the agency’s managers (2). Or both types of orders.

The translator can see the statistics for each active order: language, number of symbols and price according to the agency price list. (3) To confirm that he is starting to work on a certain order, the translator should click “ok” button (4)

When the order is chosen, the translator can see it and start translating. He can write text on the field below (1), or attach the file with the completed order (2). (*.jpg, *.pdf, *.png, *doc, *.xls, *.docx, *.xlsx formats are possible).

Once the order is completed, the translator is able to look for the new orders on the dashboard.