To create an order, the client should click “Create translation request” button in the left column.

On the creating order screen the client chooses origin and target languages (1), writes text for translation (2) or adds a document (3) (*.jpg, *.pdf, *.png, *doc, *.xls, *.docx, *.xlsx formats are possible.)

On the bottom of the page, the client is able to see his order statistics: estimated time for translation (4), number of symbols (5) and total order cost (6). To confirm his order the client should click “Send” button.

If the client has enough funds for the current order on his deposit, the order proceeds immediately. Otherwise, he will be proposed to top up an account for the missing amount.

After the order is sent, the client can see its current status (2). If the order is not taken by any translator yet, the client has the possibility to cancel it (3).

Once the order is in work, the client can see it in the left column (1) and watch the status of the order (2)

Once the order is completed, the client is able to open it from the left column (1) and see the result (2).